rotary kiln

The contact of the rotary kiln supporting roller should be controlled at about 30 degrees, and the oil wedge of the inlet and outlet should meet the requirements. When installing, it is necessary to check the relevant dimensions of the wheel axle and the tile, and confirm the quality of the casting of the bearing wheel and the spherical tile seat.

Often ignored in the actual installation process in detail: the import and export of oil wedge scraped out; supporting shaft size and machining accuracy without checking; tile with press plate bolts, oil the fixing bolt, fixing bolt according to the standard with oil pan fastening and locking measures; supporting wheel seat and the wheel base oil the relative size of not re, thus supporting tile operation to leave the great hidden danger. Such as bolt looseness, easy to cause the Walla turn; oil spoon with the wheel seat parts of internal organs caused by friction oil the damage, occurrence of oil shortage, and the oil card in the riding wheel seat caused by internal scrap tile. When the installation of oil spoon, tile and the shaft must not fall into the foreign body.

The correct installation method is to measure the dimension of the roller axle neck before installation, to detect the shaft neck size and roundness error; check whether the shaft surface of grinding wheel, tile deformation, spherical tile leaks, scraping tile when the contact angle should be controlled at around 30 degrees; the import of oil wedge control should be reasonable; the oil pan with a fixed bolt, fixing bolt, tile and the pressing block should check whether the bolts are fixed in place and locking measures; roller base oil and the relative size of the wheel seat the support, also need to open the wheel seat through the end cover of measuring whether friction, and by means of adjusting shims adjust the gap.

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