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What is the Proper Filling Rate of Rotary Kiln


The use of rotary kiln is applied in many fields, and because of its good performance, it is widely used in the chemical industry, and it is well received by many manufacturers and customers. Here is a detailed explanation of the filling rate of this kind of equipment. Let's get to know.

The filling rate is the percentage of material in the total volume of kiln cylinder. The general rule is that the larger the inner diameter of the kiln, the smaller the filling rate. For example, for a rotary kiln with an inner diameter of less than 1 m, the appropriate filling rate is 15%; for a rotary kiln with an inner diameter of 2.5 m, the allowable filling rate is only 6%. If the filling rate is too large, the material heating is not sufficient and uneven, which will affect the calcination quality of the material. If the filling rate is too small, the output of rotary kiln will be reduced although the calcination quality of materials is good. Therefore, it is necessary to select a reasonable filling rate that can not only maximize the output, but also ensure the calcination quality.

Through the content explained in this paper, you can generally understand how much the filling rate of this rotary kiln equipment is appropriate. I hope that the content explained in this paper will help you, pay more attention to this problem in the future operation and use, which is helpful for your own operation and use.

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