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MINING CAPABILITIES We’ve got you covered whether you need material handling, processing equipment, or transformation of a process by-product or waste.
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For specialty processing needs, from charcoal production & activation to reduction roasting.Chemical Separation | Removal of Crystalline Water
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WASTE TRANSFORMATIONWe can take your waste material or process by-product and turn it into a value-added product.At HONGKE the possibilities are endless…
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CHEMICAL PROCESSINGFrom process development to the manufacture of custom processing equipment, chemical processors around the world rely on Hongke.
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Cement Kiln Uses Their Own Low-temperature Waste Heat To Develop Secondary Energy

To save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment. Rotary kiln use their own waste heat, the development of secondary energy. Characteristics of cement production, one is consuming a considerable amount ofRead More...
By : Hong ke | Aug 24, 2016

Daily Output 100t Lime Kiln Production Line Equipment

Lime kiln production line is the main line of lime production, the production line out of the finished lime activity and high whiteness also finished higher, mainly relating to the equipment onRead More...
By : Hong ke | Aug 22, 2016

Clay Ceramic Rotary Kiln Production Line

Processing raw materials of clay ceramic rotary kiln Clay ceramic rotary kiln processing raw materials eleven clay minerals as the main component or the basic composition of the sediment, with plasticity andRead More...
By : Hong ke | Aug 20, 2016

Maintenance Method Of Improving Work Efficiency In Rotary Kiln Test Operation

Rotary kiln is one of Hongke production of building materials equipment, rotary kiln test of the need to maintain the operation, regular maintenance for you can improve the work efficiency more effective.Read More...
By : Hong ke | Aug 18, 2016