rotary kiln

The new supporting tile installation and maintenance, into wheel and kiln there may be unbalanced, and the roller center and the wheel center size is not reasonable, it may lead to heat tile end and tile surface contact with a shaft part, therefore need to adjust.
Before adjustment, the debugger should do a good job related to the preparatory work, such as: understanding of the design, installation, protection and so on, and make the appropriate tools and programs to prepare. Understand the basic situation of the design of kiln, but also on the process of installation and hidden in the data to be verified, such as the center line error, supporting roller Bush scraping, roller seat connections are reliable, oil is reasonable, whether there is a foreign body in a riding wheel seat etc.. In the temperature protection, the rotary kiln is usually equipped with temperature and temperature measuring device, the setting value should generally be set at more than 45 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius higher than the alarm, shutdown. The main tools used in the adjustment process including 75 tons of thin jack, handheld thermometers, dial indicator, made for elastic anchor bolts and bolt on the special wrench, lubricating oil and gas pot etc..
When the rotary kiln started slow, carefully observe the actual temperature and axial temperature trend. If the control temperature measuring device display temperature and the actual discrepancy, should also go to the site observation. When temperature changes, special attention should be paid to the heat source from the site and upward trend.

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