Milling machine

The whole high pressure high pressure mill roller suspension Raymond mill, which belongs to a new type of equipment, since the advent of the efficient milling effect favored by customers, so why high pressure mill have efficient milling effect?
First of all, the internal mill roller and ring are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, combined with a new casting process for manufacturing, can be more effective in achieving the effect of milling materials. At the same time high pressure mill using mechanics principle, according to the specific needs of the milling grinding device is installed in a high pressure spring tons, in mill operation process, the dual role of material by centrifugal force and spring pressure under the material by the pressure roller is twice that of traditional mill production compared with the above, the traditional milling equipment increased by about twenty percent. At the same time, the flour fineness of the high pressure pulverizer can reach more than 1000 items, and can be applied to many fields.
The above is the reason of high pressure grinding machine has high milling effect, high pressure mill currently produced by our company has been successfully applied to metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries, to achieve the effect of milling material as high as more than 200.

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