rotary kiln

In the furnace kiln because the pressure along the height and length of the furnace is not high, so there are always inside and outside the furnace a few millimeters of water column pressure difference, will be through the door, holes and crevices outside the overflow of high temperature flue gas or inhalation of cold wind and reduce the thermal efficiency of the furnace The Inhalation of cold air to reduce the furnace temperature, weaken the furnace heat transfer, increase the smoke away heat; overflow high temperature flue gas is bound to make a lot of heat can not be effectively used in the furnace. According to the measured calculation, if the rotary kiln wall has a diameter of 100 mm round hole, furnace temperature of 1300 degrees, the opening of the furnace pressure of -1.0 mm water column, due to inhalation of cold air caused by heat loss of about 12.5 * 1002Kj / H Visible furnace wall holes and cracks will cause a lot of heat loss. While the door if the opening is not related, will also cause radiation heat loss. In order to reduce this part of the heat loss, rotary kiln body should be as little as possible openings less door; openings should be covered, the door should be tight.

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